Work Visa for Nonacademic Foreign experts

According to the Israeli Immigration policy and impractically the Entry into Israel Law, The employment of a Non- Academic foreign expert in Israel requires preliminary issuance of a work permit as well as a corresponding work visa. The procedure is considered a relatively-lengthy bureaucratic.

The process which involves several steps may take up to three-months’ period. Accordingly, it is recommended to pre-plan the immigration procedures as soon as possible.

The Work Permit & Work Visa process include the following steps:
Submitting a work permit application to the Permits Unit at the Population and Immigration Authorities. The work permit application will be carefully examined by a committee which will determine whether the company and the experts met the threshold required for employment in Israel as a foreign expert.

Submission of an Entrance-to-Israel work visa application at the relevant Israeli Ministry of Interior and sending the confirmation cable to the relevant Israeli consulate abroad.

Obtaining the work visa at the Israeli consulate abroad.

Extending the work visa for the requested time period at the airport, when the foreign expert enters Israel, and submitting the request for a multiple-entry visa to the relevant Ministry of Interior.

The Non-Academic process include few requirements that are not mandatory for academic employees. Such requirements can be an additional affidavit signed by the company and the employees, labor contract between the company and the employee in the employee language (the contract must be drafted according to the Israeli law and consist of the Israeli labor laws) and a deposit of NIS 40,000 as a guaranty for each employee.

One of the Mandatory requirements in this process requires the employing company to pay the foreign expert a salary of not less than twice the average salary (NIS 20,278) gross as for 2019.

These procedures refer to a regulated, standard process; however, its phases may become shorter or longer based on certain policies. A request for additional documents, reports or certain information by the authorities is possible at any given time.

Furthermore, the majority of these procedures necessitate a payment of Government fees as permit fees and visa fees.

You may find the specified amounts in the below link –



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