Up to 90 days Work Visa

According to the Israeli immigration regulation, the Israeli Ministry of Interior and the work permit unit, allows corporations and companies to issue a work permits and work visas for their experts employees for short time periods of up to 90 days in a calendar year. The procedure of issuing this visa is similar to those of other work visas such as 12-month work visa for Academic or Nonacademic work permit and visa; however, the waiting period is slightly shorter.

This work permit & visa is intended for companies and corporations in need of foreign national experts for relatively-short time periods. This visa can be renewed or extended only by providing the Ministry with a very persuasive argument.

Another significant distinction between 12-month work visa and 90 days work visa is that, in the case of a 12-month work visa, the employer must pay the foreign expert a salary of at least twice as much as the average market wage (NIS 20,278 as for 2019), whilst in the case of employment under a short-term visa, there is no such demand.

Nonetheless, and for the sake of successfully applying customized solutions to specific cases, it is recommended to seek individual consultation.


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