Up to 45 days Work Visa

According to the Israeli immigration regulation, the Israeli Ministry of Interior and the work permit unit, allows corporations and companies to issue a work permits and work visas for their experts employees for short time periods of up to 45 days in a calendar year (B-1short-term visa).

The procedure of issuing this kind of work permit and visa is simpler and the whole process until the issuance of a work permit takes between 6-10 working days.

Unlike the 12-month or 90 days procedure, the Up to 45 days Work Visa allows the foreign expert entering Israel with the work permit only and not wait for the work visa. according to the procedure the work visa must be issued not later than 48 hours from the foreign expert entry to Israel.

The Up to 45 days Work Visa cannot be extended for additional period in the same calendar year.

The Up to 45 days Work Visa is best suited for companies that need to send a professional workforce to do short terms work such as – installing machines, repairing faults and etc.