Denied entry to Israel

Denied entry to Israel

We at Iftach Hanan & Co. specialize in handling cases of barred entry to Israel. Our team of lawyers with vast experience provides fast and efficient solutions for such cases. 

Expulsion from Israel- Denied entry 

The law regarding entering the State of Israel, dated from 1952 (hereinafter the above- mentioned-law), is the unique statutory source of authority regarding entry to Israel.  An Israeli citizen can enter Israel with no visa required. A non-Israeli citizen will be able to enter and stay in Israel according to the regulations and conditions stated in the above-mentioned law. The Ministry of Interior and its extensions have a vast authority while applying the above-mentioned law. 

According to the above-mentioned law, border control as well as the Minister of Interior himself and his subordinates at the Ministry all have the right to deny entry to a person who has no visa or a person regarding whom it has been decided that he or she is not entitled to an entry visa at the time he or she wishes to enter. 

If for any reason, it has been decided that a person who wishes to enter Israel is not entitled to do so, the border control officer can detain said person until further verifications are made or until said person has left Israel. 

If it has been decided that a person is not entitled to enter the State of Israel, the border control officer has two courses of action possible. 

The first one is to detain said person at Ben Gurion Airport in a special space designated for all denied entry cases and which is under the authority of the border control. 

The second possibility is to transfer said person, as a “denied entry” individual, to the holding facility in Ben Gurion Airport which is designated to hold denied entry cases and expulsion cases until they leave the country. 

Aside from being hurtful and humiliating, being denied entry to Israel holds a number of long-term consequences regarding the denied entry case for following years and might even affect said person’s ability to enter other countries such as the USA or western European countries. 

Dealing with a denied entry situation immediately as it occurs will enable negotiation with the border control unit as well as with the Ministry of Interior. In some cases, it will be possible to annul a denied entry to Israel stamp, or the detaining of said person in a holding facility, or even to enable entry to Israel, depending on the facts of each and every case. 

When dealing with a detained or denied entry case, it is recommended to consult immediately with an attorney who specializes in immigration law in Israel, in order to achieve the best possible results. 




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