Immigration Law Update – Israel July 4, 2022

Updated Entry policy for Ukrainian citizens

  1. In accordance with the Supreme Court of Israel’s decision – starting of July 4th, 2022, the entry to Israel for Ukrainian passports holders will be permitted under the same conditions as any other foreign citizen.
  2. Holders of Ukrainian passports will be allowed to board a flight to Israel (form any origin) only if they meet the threshold conditions (same as other foreigners) without holding any other permit/visa.
  3. Ukrainian citizens who are not holding a valid passport are not allowed to board unless they hold one of the following:
  4. Holding a letter/ permit signed by the Israeli Population and Immigration Authority / Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  5. “Olim Hadashim”- those who hold an “Alyia” Permit in advance.
  6. Holders of Ukrainian Passports must also fill out the entry statement on the Israeli Ministry of health’s website.
  7. This Announcement is valid as of July 4th


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