Immigration Updates

  • Immigration Law Update – Israel August 10, 2022

    Notice on Updated Industrial Worker Procedure Yesterday, the Ministry of Economy and Industry re-opened the experimental procedure of obtaining work permits for foreign industrial workers without academic degrees, to be paid a salary of no less than 130% of the average Israeli salary. Certain…

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  • Immigration Law Update – Israel July 4, 2022

    Updated Entry policy for Ukrainian citizens In accordance with the Supreme Court of Israel's decision – starting of July 4th, 2022, the entry to Israel for Ukrainian passports holders will be permitted under the same conditions as any other foreign…

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  • Immigration Law Update – Israel May 15, 2022

    Important Correction Re Today's Immigration Update Starting from midnight between Friday 20.5.2022 and Saturday 21.5.2022 the following guidelines will take effect: Foreigners will not be required to present a negative PCR/antigen test result before boarding a flight to Israel. In addition, the PCR…

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  • Immigration Law Update – Israel March 28, 2022

    New High-Tech Employee Immigration Track for Ukrainian and Russian Refugees Thousands of Ukrainians and Russians have arrived in Israel, and thousands more want to do so. Some qualify to immigrate under the Law of Return and others do not. A…

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  • Immigration Law Update – Israel – February 23, 2022

    Starting from March 1, 2022 Israel is to re-open her gates to all foreigners, vaccinated and not vaccinated. According to the new decision, foreigners of all ages will be permitted to enter Israel, vaccinated and unvaccinated alike, subject to undergoing…

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  • Immigration Law Update – Israel January 9, 2022

    All Countries were Removed from the Red List Israel removed all countries from the red list, at this stage permitting foreigners to enter Israel from any country without special permission from the Exceptions Committee. All countries are now classified as orange.…

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  • Immigration Law Update – Israel January 4, 2022

    Israel reopens her gates to foreigners from yellow and orange countries and reduces the list of red countries. Policy update regarding arrival of foreigners Starting from Sunday, January 9, 2022, vaccinated/recovering foreigners arriving from orange countries will be allowed to come…

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