The law firm Yiftach Hanan & Co. specializes in immigration, relocation and foreign expert law, and is considered one of the leading firms in this sector.
The office headed by Adv. Yiftach Hanan - Chairman of the Immigration and Foreign Affairs Committee of the Advocate's Office, represents a long line of local and international companies, along with private clients.
The firm specializes in issuing both long and short-term work visas for foreign experts who come to work in Israel, provides legal services to regulate status in Israel, and provides specialized visas to provide legal advice for these procedures.

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IFTACH HANAN & Co. law firm specializes in immigration law, relocation, and mobilizing of foreign national experts required to conduct work in Israel, and is considered one of the leading, most qualified, firms of this sector.
The firm represents a long list of local and international corporations and companies, handles the issuance of long and short-term work visas for foreign national experts required to work in Israel and providing legal consultation for these procedures.
Due to our firm vast experience and uncompromising approach, our skilled lawyers' issues work permits and work visas of all sorts swiftly and efficiently.
Methodological and meticulous, the firm adheres to the unique legal specifications of each sector, country, or objective. Subsequently, the client obtains a tailored, objective-specific, legal solution which allows the company and the expert, upon relocation, to focus on the core activities of the project/vocation whilst fully-complying to the relevant legal requirements.
Alongside our international corporations and companies department IFTACH HANAN & Co. assist individuals with different types of immigration issues, including Partner visa, Student visa, Aliyah, Entrance refusals and more.

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